Mecanum: Happy 25th Anniversary!

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Thanks to your support, Mecanum reached its 25th anniversary!

To celebrate this event, our 1-year standard guaranty is now extended to a 2.5-year guaranty! (valid until June 30th, 2024, for any purchase made after June 19th, 2023)

What Happened During the Last 25 Years?

1996-1998: The Journey Begins!

Between 1996 and 1998, Raymond Panneton, the first initiator of Mecanum (at the time called Mecanum Numerik Solutions), spends numerous hours programming to develop the Phénix software, which was later renamed Maestro and eventually became NOVA. This period marks the early stages of Mecanum’s journey.

Pr. Raymond Panneton, Ing., Ph.D.
Raymond Panneton

1998: First Software Sale

Mecanum is officially established with the sale of its first simulation software. The company has a strong foundation thanks to the involvement of professors and scientists from the University of Sherbrooke, including Raymond Panneton, Noureddine Atalla, Michel Tournour, and Hugue Nélisse.

1998 NOVA software (want to compare to our 2023 version?)

2001: First Sale of Measuring Instruments and Services

In 2001, Mecanum receives its first complete laboratory order from a renowned automotive manufacturer. In response, the company designs measurement test benches, develops user interfaces (such as TUBE-X, QMA-X, PHI-X, SIGMA-X, TOR-X, and Poroverse (FOAM-X ancester)), establishes partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors, and manufactures its first measuring instruments. These instruments include a resistivity meter, porosimeter, impedance tube, QMA (Quality Factor Measurement), and tortuosity meter. Mecanum successfully delivers and installs the equipment to the customer on time.

During this period, approximately sixty materials are characterized for the same client to build a SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) model.

Resistivity Meter
2001 Resistivity Meter (want to compare to our 2023 version?)
Porosity Meter
2001 Porosity Meter (want to compare to our 2023 version?)

2008: First Hires and Start of an Ever-Increasing Demand

To meet the increasing demand, Mecanum hires its first part-time professional in 2008, who focuses on measurement services and assists in equipment manufacturing.

In 2012, a second full-time professional engineer joins the team with the objective of improving the acoustic materials measuring instrument and developing the company’s NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) services. The company experiences further growth due to partnerships with Matelys and Prosynx, leading to additional team members joining in 2015. This expansion results in the development of new instruments and major projects in acoustic materials and NVH design, in collaboration with industrial partners and universities such as the University of Sherbrooke, the École de Technologie supérieure de Montréal, and Hamburg University.

Rémy Oddo, B. Ing.
Remy Oddo, hired in 2008
Julien Biboud, Ing., M.Sc.A.
Julien Biboud, hired in 2012

2017: Big Move and Big Cabins

Mecanum moves to a large facility and begins manufacturing acoustic test cabins for transmission loss and absorption tests under diffuse field excitation.

Mecanum MATC Acoustic Test Cabin - Diffuse-Field Sound Absorption and Transmission Loss - ASTM C423, ASTM E2249, ISO 354, ISO 15186-1 and SAE J2883_201504 - Open Cabin
MATC, our acoustic cabin

2019: Acousting Imaging Beginnings

A partnership between Mecanum and the University of Sherbrooke is established for the development of a 3D acoustic camera.

LF-ANT 3D Acoustic Camera for Acoustic Imaging - Mecanum - Detects acoustic leaks, Find and Analyze Sound Sources
LF-ANT, our 3D acoustic camera

2023: Retrospective of the Last 25 Years

In 2023, Mecanum is:


  • 15 passionate professionals.


  • Acoustic material characterization services,
  • Consulting projects,
  • R&D projects with customers.

Measuring instruments

  • A complete laboratory of acoustical material characterization,
  • Diffuse field acoustic test cabin,
  • 3D acoustic camera.


  • Four software solutions.

Research and development

  • Actively engaged in international research and development projects with major companies and renowned research centers.


  • Products and services utilized by over 300 laboratories worldwide.
  • Customers include leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers, acoustic material manufacturers, and universities.

Distribution network

  • Established global distribution network,
  • Partners in Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and North America.


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