Want to go further with practical accessories for your measuring instruments? Profit from all functions, increasing quality or avoid time losses? Don’t look further, we have the perfect accessory to suit every need! (as shown below)

Airflow Resistivity Meter Compressor

Our air compressor is particularly adapted for your airflow resistivity meter.

SIGMA - Air Compressor

Airflow Resistivity Meter Enclosure

With this strong and resistant enclosure, protect your airflow resistivity meter from harsh environments. Because why not enlarge your instrument lifetime?

Mecanum SIGMA Resistivity Meter - Measurement of static airflow resistivity, resistance and permeability for open-cell porous materials used for noise control - ASTM C522-03 and ISO 9053 - Standard Equipment in Enclosure

Beams Set

Buy extra steel or aluminum beams (with steel roots), particularly for your Oberst beam or your free-free beam system.

Steel and Aluminum Beams

Circular Knives

Sample preparation is a critical step when characterizing porous materials. For that reason, our circular knives are made of stainless steel and machined with great precision which allows better control of the samples geometry. For this purpose, we offer them for 29 mm, 44.4 mm or 100 mm impedance and transmission tubes.

Circular Knives for Porous Materials - 100 mm With Sample

Grazing Incidence Sample Holders

These sample holders can accommodate circular tubes with diameters of 100 mm and 44 mm or square tubes with sides measuring 38.1 mm and 100 mm.

Many acoustic treatments, such as aircraft liners, muffler coatings, and pipe treatments, are designed to be used at grazing incidence rather than normal incidence. To address this issue, Mecanum has developed new sample holders for grazing incidence.

Grazing incidence sample holders

Material Slicers

Our slicers hold a porous sample in place when cutting it, indeed providing better control of its geometry. This is why we offer them for 29 mm, 44.4 mm or 100 mm impedance and transmission tubes.

Mecanum Porous Material Slicers - 100 mm

Resistive Screen and Fabric Sample Holders

Our resistive screen and fabric sample holders ensure an easy and perfectly sealed installation of fabric materials or other type of resistive film in an impedance tube (2 or 3 mics method only).

Mecanum Resistive Screen and Fabric Sample Holder

Square Sample Holder Add-On

Transform your conventional tube in a square tube with the most versatile of our accessories for measuring instruments! On this occasion, this add-on allows you to measure acoustic indicators of square specimen like metamaterials, without the need to buy an extran impedance and transmission tube.

Square Add-On for Metamaterials for 44.4 mm Circular Impedance Tube

Weather Station

Our weather station allows you to measure the air atmospheric conditions (pressure, temperature, humidity, speed of sound). Therefore, profit from its perfect integration with our measuring instruments!

Mecanum ENVIRO Weather Station