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Mecanum’s team will be participating at Internoise 2022 in Glasgow from August 21st to 24th as a sponsor! Come chat with us and discover our latest innovations. We will be presenting our new portable 3D acoustic camera among other products and we will be so happy to discuss your innovations as well!

What Mecanum Will Present You?


Patrick Bouché, B. ing., Ph.D., Expert in vibroacoustic simulations and in métamaterial design at Mecanum will be presenting a study on low-frequency behavior optimization of an acoustic test cabin.

And About…

A small reverberant room can be an efficient and economic tool to provide fast diffuse-field sound absorption measurements of homogeneous sound absorbers or more complex structures, and useful for developing, testing, or evaluating specification requirements in many industrial fields. However, small reverberant rooms are known to have some diffusivity issues in lower and middle frequencies, leading to unsuitable levels of consistency, reliability, and repeatability. This paper presents the results of a study made to improve the measurement performance of a 5.7‑m³ reverberant room under its Schroeder frequency (around 1275 Hz) by adding hanging diffusers.

Diffuse-Field in Mecanum Acoustic Test Cabin

Using Ray-Tracing method, a numerical parametric study was done to estimate sound absorption of various samples by varying the number, the position, and the orientation of these diffusers based on ASTM C423 and E795 standards. Moreover, extra simulation has been performed to evaluate the effect of sample size on sound absorption consistency in function of frequency. Following these prescriptions, an experimental study was done to confirm these improvements on frequency-dependent sound absorption and single rating numbers such as NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and SAA (Sound Absorption Average). The results show that for this room, low-frequency performance is significantly increased by using 4 well‑placed hanging diffusers and a sufficient sample size.

Mecanum Acoustic Test Cabin

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