Measuring Instruments

Absorption and Transmission Loss Measurement

MATC | Acoustic Test Cabin

TUBE | Impedance and Transmission Tubes

Asphalt Tube

Conventionnal Tubes

High Level Tube

Square Tubes

Acoustic Imaging

LF-ANT | 3D Acoustic Camera

Biot Parameters Measurement

ETA | Oberst Beam

FPS | Fabric Permeability System

PHI | Porosity and Density Meter

QMA | Quasi-Static Mechanical Analyzer

SIGMA | Resistivity Meters

Airflow Resistivity Meter

High Flow Resistivity Meter

TOR | Tortuosity Meter


Air compressor

Airflow Resistivity Meter Enclosure

Beams Set

Circular Knives for Porous Materials

Porous Material Slicers

Resistive Screen and Fabric Sample Holder

Square Sample Holder Add-On

Weather Station


Laboratory Acoustic Testing

Characterization of Acoustic Materials

Laboratory Testing

Acoustic Consulting Projects

Architectural Acoustics

Environmental Noise

Industrial Noise

NVH Testing

R&D Projects




(Free) ADNR

(Free) MatLab Scripts



Finite Element and Boundary Methods in Structural Acoustics and Vibration

Propagation of Sound in Porous Media: Modelling Sound Absorbing Materials

Learning Center

Acoustic 101

Acoustic Materials

Acoustic Properties

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