What is LFX?

LFX is a full-featured post-processing software for Mecanum’s LF-ANT 3D acoustic camera that empowers you with the ability to postprocess LF-ANT raw data and live videos. It allows you to control and tweak the acoustic/video parameters and execute accurate and fast acoustic imaging algorithms on your raw data.

With LFX, you can also visualize LF-ANT live videos alongside the temporal and frequency content. The software enables you to import and manage multiple datasets, configure multiple simulations, and visualize results in 2D or 3D views. LFX also offers video trimming and image annotation tools and enables you to easily export high-quality, detailed images, videos, and GIFs of your results. The tools and simplicity this software offers will make your post-treatment process intuitive and enjoyable.

Maximizing Your Potential With LFX

Discover Easily All LFX Features

LFX is designed to be comprehensive and beginner-friendly, making it an ideal tool for new and experienced users alike. Visual tooltips, providing you with helpful information, are provided for each option.

LFX tip tools

Edit Your Acoustic Images and Videos

LFX allows you to manage multiple datasets and multiple simulations in one single interface. It offers you complete control over the simulation parameters, allowing you to fine-tune your analysis. You can choose between multiple algorithms, change the video quality, control the frequency range, the frequency resolution, use a virtual microphone…

LFX interface

Export Your Results

Using embedded video trimming tools, LFX allows you to clip and export all your results in common shareable formats .png, GIF, or mp4. You can also export your results in a video grid format to compare your simulations.

LFX sample car motor

Add Your Comments

To help you easily communicate your analysis and commentary, LFX provides you with an embedded annotation tool to visually indicate areas or objects of interest in the acoustic image.

LFX Comment
LFX Comment

Different Plans for Different Uses

LFX different plans

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