Grant of $ 150,000

Mecanum Inc. is proud to announce the granting of a $ 150,000 grant which will finance the development of a thermo-acoustic insulating panel as part of the first phase of the Biofoam Insulation Challenge, aimed at developing greener insulation products. Sponsored by Natural Resources Canada, this challenge is part of the Domestic Plastics Challenge of the federal Innovative Solutions Canada (SIC) program.

This project aims to develop more ecological insulating materials from forest residues in order to reduce our ecological footprint. “In the next two years, Mecanum’s development of an optimized thermo-acoustic sustainable material will be accelerated thanks to the grant from phase one of the Biofoam Insulation Challenge. This material will be the first to link both microstructure and thermo-acoustic properties.”

For more details, consult the project internet pages:

Project Leader

  • Name: Kevin Verdiere ing. (P.Eng.), Ph.D.
  • Role: Research and Development Director
  • Company: Mecanum Inc.
  • Address: 2444 rue Bonin | Sherbrooke (Qc) J1K 1C4 | Canada
  • Email:
  • Phone: + 1 (819) 346-5666


Sincere Thanks to our Canadian Granting Agencies!

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