The robust and easy-to-use clamping system makes it possible to fix the beams rigidly and to test several beams in a short time.

The acquisition system comes with a USB connection and is connected to the test bench by temperature resistant wires. The magnetic position sensor can adjust to different thicknesses of single or multi-layered beams. Finally, the magnetic exciter with adjustable position makes it possible to test single or multi-layer beams of different lengths.

Main Advantages

Why Choose Mecanum’s Oberst Beam?


Measurement method according to ASTM E756-05 and SAE J1637 standards


Measurement controlled and guided through a user-friendly interface


Automatic calculation of global statistics + Automatic reports

What’s Included With Your Oberst Beam

Discover What You Will Find In The Box!

Stainless steel frame Test bench
Acquisition system with integrated amplifier
Set of starting beams (5 aluminum beams, 5 steel beams and 10 pairs of roots)
Magnetic exciter
Magnetic position sensor


One Instrument, Multiple Uses


Ensure your quality is maintained to meet the standards important for you


Generate new knowledge or new technologies through an efficient R&D


Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your acoustic materials!

Measured Properties

Discover What Your Oberst Beam Can Do for You!

Young’s modulus (E)

Damping factor (η)

Accessories for Your Oberst Beam

We Have The Perfect Accessory To Suit Every Need!

Extra Beam Set

Buy extra steel or aluminum beams (with steel roots)

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