Interested in identifying acoustic modeling parameters of porous materials? Or simulating multilayer acoustic materials? Mecanum offers you several software to help you with your acoustic materials!

Mecanum Software


DBMAT provides a comprehensive client-server solution for storing vibro-acoustic material parameters and associated files.



FOAM-X is a very powerful tool for extracting the physical parameters of acoustic materials. Indirect and inverse methods can be used to extract the properties of any material.

FOAM-X Logo - Identification of Acoustic Modeling Parameters of Porous Materials


LFX is a full-featured post-processing software for Mecanum’s LF-ANT 3D acoustic camera that empowers you with the ability to postprocess LF-ANT raw data and live videos.

LFX full-featured post-processing software for Mecanum’s LF-ANT 3D acoustic camera


NOVA is a very powerful tool that will help you design and optimize the acoustic properties of multilayer materials without having to invest too much time in expensive and time-consuming tests.

NOVA Logo - Simulator of Multilayer Acoustic Materials

Free Software


ADNR is a practical and user-friendly software allowing you to simulate acoustics and structural vibrations of complex plates, such as structures. It is an excellent tool that facilitates the preliminary design of noise control and for self-study.

ADNR Logo - Plate Vibration Simulator

MatLab Scripts

Mecanum’s MatLab scripts allow you to calculate acoustic indicators and dynamic properties of porous materials based on different equivalent fluid models.

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