Our QMA is designed to measure the BIOT elastic properties of porous materials. These properties are the Young’s modulus, the damping coefficient and the Poisson’s ratio.

Main Advantages

Why Choose Mecanum’s Quasi-Static Mechanical Analyzer?


Measurement method according to ISO 18437-5 standard


Automatic measurement sequence through a clear and user-friendly interface

What’s Included With Your Quasi-Static Mechanical Analyzer

Discover What You Will Find In The Box!

QMA system
Sample centralizers
Verification sample
Calibration wedges
Compression plates
QMA-X software


One Instrument, Multiple Uses


Ensure your quality is maintained to meet the standards important for you


Generate new knowledge or new technologies through an efficient R&D


Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your acoustic materials!

Measured Properties

Discover What Your Quasi-Static Mechanical Analyzer Can Do for You!

Young’s Modulus (E)

Poisson’s Ratio (ν)

Damping (or loss) factor (η)

Accessories for Your Quasi-Static Mechanical Analyzer

We Have The Perfect Accessory To Suit Every Need!

Circular Knives

Allow better control of the samples geometry of your porous materials

Material Slicers

Hold a porous sample in place, providing better control of its geometry


Extract multiple acoustic parameters thanks to FOAM-X software


Simulate multilayer acoustic materials thanks to NOVA software

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