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Measuring Instruments

Looking for easy to use, durable and accurate noise & vibration measuring instruments?

High Level Tube

Acoustic Imaging

Struggling with acoustic leaks or simply wanting to find or analyze any sound source?

LF-ANT 3D Acoustic Camera for Acoustic Imaging - Mecanum - Detects acoustic leaks, Find and Analyze Sound Sources

Laboratory Tests

Want to characterize, analyze, model or measure the properties of your acoustic materials?


Consulting Projects

Noise or vibration issues in equipments, buildings, inside or outside facilities? Need to comply with environmental laws?

Mic for Measurement - Acoustics & Vibration Experts

Simulation Software

Interested in identifying acoustic modeling parameters of porous materials? Or simulating multilayer acoustic materials?


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Discover How Your Silent Partner Can Help You!


Take advantage of accurate and precise measurements to always optimize your projects!


Enjoy our accessible products, even if you haven’t used anything like it before!


Benefit from Mecanum scientific support, with more than 20 years of experience!


Looking for reliable products with the best lifetime? You’re at the right place!

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Our Passionate Experts Talk About How We Build Silence!

Want to meet with us in 2023?

We are happy to announce that Mecanum will be present to three great events this year! If you are there too… come talk to us! NOISE-CON 2023, Inter-Noise 2023, Acoustic Week Canada 2023.
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News About LFX Software

Our team has been working hard on the GUI and Core of our software, LFX. This powerful post-processing software is specifically designed for use with the raw data of Mecanum’s LF-ANT 3D acoustic camera. With…
LFX Interface

China Acoustics Valley

Mecanum is proud to equip such an innovative engineering laboratory as China Acoustics Valley! A big thank you to our partner Heavy Zhang from Prosynx!
China Acoustics Valley - Acoustic Cabin


We are still talking here about “Bell telephone laboratories”. Bell engineers needed a reliable metric to develop their new telephone devices. So they created the decibel, or one tenth of a Bel – named in…

dB & dBA

In 1933, Harvey Fletcher and W. A. ​​Munson from Bell Telephone Laboratories presented loudness level contours (curves of equal perception of a sound). These curves were obtained statistically following listening tests carried out using listeners…

Sound Perception VS Frequency

The audible frequency range varies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. As for the perception of the volume of a sound, the human ear does not react in a linear way for the perception of…
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