In the world of industry and manufacturing, precision is everything. Whether you’re in the automotive, aerospace, medical, or any other sector, your measuring instruments are the backbone of your operation. And like any precision instrument, they require regular calibration to ensure they perform at their best. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about safety, quality, and reliability.

This is where our calibration services comes into play. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, our team of experts is here to ensure your measuring instruments are finely tuned to perfection.

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Reference sample kit

Reference sample kit for calibrating Mecanum measuring instruments - Cropped

In-house calibration

SIGMA airflow resistivity meter for calibration - Cropped

Reference sample kits: Certified for precision

Leverage the convenience of calibration in your installations with the Mecanum reference sample kits. These kits offer a seamless calibration process, allowing you to enjoy the simplicity of ensuring spot-on measurements. Benefit from meticulously calibrated samples that guarantee precision in your measurements.

With the flexibility to calibrate your measuring instruments at your convenience, the Mecanum reference sample kits empower you to optimize the performance of your equipment precisely when and how you need it.

In-house calibration: Take advantage of Mecanum expertise

Entrust your measuring instrument calibration to Mecanum saves you time and ensures the expertise of those who designed and produced the equipment. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of their devices, using specialized tools and processes to perform accurate calibrations efficiently.

This expertise not only guarantees precise adjustments but also streamlines the calibration process, potentially reducing downtime for your device. Choosing the manufacturer for calibration means relying on their proficiency, ultimately saving you time and ensuring the optimal performance of your equipment.


How often do I need to get my measuring instrument calibrated?

We recommand an annual calibration for all your Mecanum measuring instruments. The latest calibration date of the device is located on the back of the instrument for your reference.

Why do I need to calibrate my measuring instrument?

What is included with my calibration?

Will my measuring instrument be updated?

How long will it take to calibrate my measuring instrument?

What happens if my measuring instrument is found out of tolerance?

How do I request a calibration from Mecanum?

Calibration services now available for

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Airflow Resistivity Meter

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