Mecanum Impedance and Transmission Tube - Asphalt - ASTM E1050, ASTM E2611 and ISO 10534-2 - 2 Mics Configuration

Mecanum’s asphalt impedance and transmission tube is specially designed to cover the 1/3 octave frequency ranges 250 to 1600 Hz. As a result, you will now be able to measure road sound absorption according to ISO 13472-2!

This tube is a 100 mm diameter 2-microphone impedance and transmission tube.

Main Advantages

Why Choose Mecanum’s Asphalt Impedance and Transmission Tube?


Measurement method according to ISO 13472-2 standards

Wide Range

Enjoy the 250 – 1600 Hz frequency range for all of your measurements!


Use your portable equipment either in laboratory or In Situ!

What’s Included With Your Asphalt Tube

Discover What You Will Find In The Box!

Impedance and transmission tube
24-bits 4-inputs/1-output acquisition system with integrated audio amplifier
Verification plate
TUBE-X measurement software
Carrying box


One Instrument, Multiple Uses


Take all the absorption measurements that you need and desire!


Ensure your quality is maintained to meet the standards important for you


Generate new knowledge or new technologies through an efficient R&D

Measured Properties

Discover What Your Asphalt Impedance and Transmission Tube Can Do for You!

Absorption coefficient at normal incidence (α)

Complex reflection coefficient at normal incidence (R)

Normalized surface impedance (Zs/Zair)

ISO 10534-2 Standard

Accessories for Your Asphalt Tube

We Have The Perfect Accessory To Suit Every Need!

Weather Station

Allows to measure the air atmospheric conditions.

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